Construction Progress


Inspections usually occur after each progress payment request of a completed construction stage or can be requested at any time during the build. 

The purpose of the assessment is to ensure that the works are completed in accordance with the Building Code of Australia, relevant Australian Standards, contract documents and have reached the completion payment request.


Typical inspection stages may include the following,
Slab stageCompliance, dimensions, set backs, retaining, set out, levels, provision for services, cracking and surface finish.
Plate Height – Compliance, damp courses, flashing, weepholes, waterproofing, dimensions, brick bonding, wall ties, tie downs, structural columns, levels, finishing heights, cavity, lintels, jointing, built in joinery and frames.
Roof frame - Compliance, connections, support, eaves linings and soffit.
Lockup - Roof cover, fixings, pointing, roof plumbing, ceilings, plastering, and waterproofing.
Practical completion - Final detailed assessment, doors, windows, cabinets, tiling, electrical and plumbing fit out, painting and finishes.