Project Management


We can provide the following services


  1. Conduct an assessment of the property to define the scope of remedial works required.
  2. Prepare a Contractor Agreement or Tender Document which clearly details the scope of works required, material specifications, obligations of the Contractor regarding Insurances, Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Controls, Licencing and Approvals, Compliance and workmanship Standards. 
  3. Issue Tender document to appropriately qualified Contractors to Tender.
  4. Facilitate regular meetings as necessary with Contractors, Consultants, Owners and Principal.
  5. Advise on alternative construction methodologies.
  6. Assist in developing construction programmes.
  7. Facilitate and assess tender submission and provide a report to the Owners and Principal with recommendations of the preferred Contractor.
  8. Undertake / participate in negotiations on behalf of or with the Principal’s Representative.
  9. Coordination and administration of Contractors and Consultants contracted by the Owner or Principal to complete the Project.
  10. The rendering of advice and recommendations as to the selection procedures for selection of subcontractors, Consultants and suppliers.
  11. The submission of any suggestions or requests for changes which could in any reasonable manner improve the design, buildability, efficiency or cost of the Project.
  12. Administration of any Construction contracts on behalf of the Client. This includes reviewing and processing all progress claims, variation requests, cost adjustments and extension of time requests.
  13. Attend meetings with the Owners, Principal, Contractors and Consultants as may be necessary.
  14. Recommend courses of action to the Principal when the requirements of subcontractors or Consultants are not being fulfilled.
  15. Manage Other Consultant(s) and contractor(s) to ensure any technical issues are addressed and resolved accordingly.
  16. Monitor progress against the Construction Programme.
  17. The Project Manager shall exercise the degree of skill care and diligence normally exercised by members of the project management profession performing services of a similar nature.
  18. To establish the roles and responsibilities of all parties to the Project clearly and co-ordinate such parties so that individually and collectively they are enabled to carry out the tasks efficiently.
  19. Monitor the work of the Contractor engaged by the Owner or Principal in order to:

  • Assess compliance with the Scope of Works and Specifications, National Construction Code, Australian Standards and Manufacturers requirements.
  • Conduct Quality Assurance testing as necessary such as Coating Thickness, Adhesion, Moisture Levels, Flood Tests, Materials testing etc.
  • Be reasonably satisfied that the works are being performed in accordance with and are of the quality required by the contract documents.
  • Review Practical Completion of works and prepare a defect hit list for the Contractor to complete prior to Final Completion.
  • Ensure all defects identified are remedied during defects notification period.
  • The procurement of warranties from manufacturers and Contractors.