Pre-Purchase Inspections


A detailed comprehensive assessment of the building and surrounding property which exceeds the requirements of Australian Standard 4349.1 Inspection of Buildings.

The purpose of the assessment will detail any safety issues, significant defects or structural defects and provide a recommended maintenance schedule. Although maintenance items are not considered major defects, they still form an important part of our advice to you as failure to observe our maintenance recommendations may lead to the premature deterioration of the building element or lead to a major defect.

Items inspected will establish the performance and integrity of the following areas where accessible:
Subfloor - Floor frame condition and performance, subsidence issues, damp issues, ventilation.
Floor - Damp, cracking assessment, bond failure..
Internal walls – Rising damp, cracking assessment, surface finishes, moisture ingress.
Joinery - Doors, windows, cabinetry, locks, mouldings and finishes.
Ceilings - Sagging, fixing popping, staining and mould issues, cracking assessment.
Internal roof space -  Roof frame condition and performance, insulation performance, leaks, fretting, corrosion, ceiling attachment, ventilation, electrical wiring junctions, penetrations.
Plumbing - Leaks, regulation venting, water hammer, water flow and drainage.
Electrical - RCD compliance, smoke detector compliance, wiring condition, earth stake bonding.
Roof cover - fixing, pointing, sagging, flashing of penetrations, waterproofing, corrosion.
Roof Plumbing - flashings, gutters, downpipes, corrosion, provision for overflow, downpipes, stormwater connection.
External walls - lintel corrosion and deflection, claddings, render, protective coatings, damp, cracking assessment, fretting, bond failure.
Out Buildings - Garages, carports, sheds, pergolas, patios.
Surrounding Property - Driveway, paths, retaining, boundary fences, invasive trees, pool fencing compliance, surface drainage.

The cost of a Pre-Purchase Inspection will vary considerably  between service providers. The purchaser should inform themselves on the scope of the inspection provided and reporting format to ensure they are obtaining the best advice to suit their budget and objectives. There is no point saving a few hundred dollars on a basic assessment if it does not achieve the required outcome.